House of Anubis & My Phone

Okay, something strange led up to me watching House of Anubis again. I used to love it when I was younger, so I thought I'd try it out again. I don't think that I ever finished season 3 anyways. But can you even guess how I was reminded of it? I bet you can't guess. If you can, I swear, you're psychic. Anyhow, what made me remember the show, House of Anubis, was when my friend sent me an up-close picture of her own eye, sideways. xD I told her it looked like the Eye of Horus, & that's how I was reminded. Seeeee? That's why I said that if you could actually guess that, you're freaking psychic, because that was just weird. Hahaha. Apparently I still love House of Anubis even now, because I'm totally into it, despite having finished most of the show already before. So, yep, still loving it. I really have to find more shows like House of Anubis & Teen Wolf. I really do. Any suggestions?

I also need to find a TV show that will force me into learning without boring me, because apparently, my will to study doesn't last very long before I totally abandon it take an "extended break". Though, the latter, I'll probably never find. So, let's just focus on the first part. Haha.

I'm also due an upgrade on my phone. I'm wondering if I should use it or not. Currently, I have the LG G3. If I upgrade, it'll be to the G4, but I don't know if I even want to yet or not. I've had a lot of phones (not because I break them, btw. I actually don't. It's because I've been getting phones since I was 7yrs old), but the LG G3 has been the best for me. Samsung, Motorola, & all the others I've had just never could compare. Especially Samsung... our family gets lots of Samsungs & they don't last very long before they start glitching big time. Anyways, the G3 is the most innovative, best working phone I've ever even SEEN. I've had it for a year (more or less) now with over 4,000 pictures & 200 apps (counted) on the thing, & it's never even glitched on me once. Every phone I've ever had for that long & with that much crap on it, always starts glitching. Even just minor glitches. But this phone hasn't had the slightest glitch at all. I didn't know LG phones were this good nowadays. I haven't had an LG since I was 9, though even back then, I never had any problems. They were really good all those years ago too. But see, this is why LG is & always will be my favorite. I'll have to take a closer look at the G4, & decide if I'm ready to let this one go.

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